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Shampoo/Conditioner Review + Giveaway

The first CTNB giveaway is finally here! I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what it is...and I’ll tell you in a bit, I promise. First for a little back story though, when I was switching over my hair care routine to clean I really struggled with finding a truly clean shampoo that worked. I went through many brands and types because lots of natural shampoos don't clean the hair that well...or they claim to be natural and really aren't. Well, I finally found a brand that I like, Aubrey Organics, and have had them in my shower ever since. Lucky for you I am going to let you know which products I like of theirs best so you don't have to go through what I did...yes you can thank me with flowers and gifts...I won't refuse. However, first I am going to shower one lucky reader with gifts, may favorite Aubrey hair products plus an item of your choice! More on the giveaway below but now for the product info. 

The Low Down

   Start cleaning out your beauty routine with this Aubrey Organics giveaway!

Start cleaning out your beauty routine with this Aubrey Organics giveaway!

Aubrey Organics is a great company with truly clean products. They are one company I can always trust to have products that pass The Standards of Clean. Not only do they have a large line of shampoo and conditioners, they make a plethora of other body care items as well. Here is their hair matrix chart that can show you which products they recommend for your hair type. However, let me tell you I have tried nearly each one of them and my favorite is the Tea Tree and Primrose Shampoo along with the GPB Conditioner. I have normal hair and scalp but feel that these would work on most hair types. 

The Shampoo

If you look at their matrix the Tea Tree and Primrose Shampoo is recommend for all hair types. It is a great scalp soother and really cleans the hair well. One drawback to some of Aubrey’s other shampoos are they don’t foam much at all, and if your just switching to clean shampoo you may find the lack of lather frustrating. Although I will say that their other shampoos get rid of the dirt and oil just as well without lather. However, the Tea Tree and Primrose shampoo foams the best of any of their shampoo’s I have tried. It lathers almost like a standard shampoo.

This shampoo also smells just wonderful, like clean minty lemongrass. Just put the same amount in your palm as you would for regular shampoo, pre-lather in your hands a bit, and rub into wet hair. Soon a nice clean scent will fill your shower and white bubbles will get your scalp and hair squeaky clean. This shampoo is great for removing product buildup and scalp oil, but it doesn’t leave the hair dry or stripped. It has primrose oil to soothe the scalp and blue green algae to strengthen the hair....and don't forget it has no nasty chemicals that are toxic to our bodies. 

The Conditioner

The GPB Conditioner is great for providing moisture and hydration via aloe vera, milk and glycoprotein. I usually apply it from the ears down and leave it on my hair for 3 minutes to let the nutrients soak in. It is light enough that my hair is not weighed down once dry and doesn’t leave any funky residue. This conditioner tames frizz pretty well also. The two best features to me is that it keeps my hair strong and detangles well. The conditioner comes in two scents, I have only tired the original, which is a very neutral scent that I can’t detect after the shower. Overall, it's a winner...it provides everything I need in a conditioner. 

Other Aubrey Hair Care

Just a quick word about their other shampoos and conditioners. Like I said before I have tried most of their hair care line. I think because I have normal hair and scalp I can use products from both the oily and dry lines without any issues. The J.A.Y. shampoo is another one of my fav’s, especially in the winter because it is very hydrating. However, the J.A.Y. shampoo has very minimal foam, like really minimal. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend it for your first clean shampoo, as it is a pretty big adjustment when coming from a SLS shampoo....lemme rephrase, a huge adjustment. My other favorite conditioner is the Rosa Mosqueta for super hydration and damage prevention. Usually I have two of their shampoos and two conditioners in my shower. I alternate each day between them as I find my hair likes this the best. 

The Nitty Gritty

So why do we want a clean hair care routine? Shampoos and conditioners usually contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), other sulfates, parabens and other preservatives, PEGs, ethanolamines, and artificial fragrances and dyes. Check out A Case for Clean Beauty for why we should avoid the above things. However, as a recap they have been shown to cause cancer, skin irritation, hair dryness, and endocrine disruption. I also noticed a dramatic difference in my hair texture, strength, and how long my color lasted once I switched to clean products. Really it's a win-win. 

The Giveaway (now closed)

Now for the fun part! To get you all on the clean path I am giving away my two favorite Aubrey haircare products. The Tea Tree and Primrose Shampoo and GPB Conditioner! I hope you guys like this stuff as much as I do, plus I hope it gets the ball rolling for you to try other clean beauty products.

Also, just because I love my readers so much I am letting the one lucky winner choose another Aubrey Organics product of their choice! Aubrey’s line is extensive including skin care, which is wonderful, mens products, lotions, makeup, etc. All you have to do is go to their website, browse their products, and leave a comment below on which one you would want and why. If you subscribe to the blog already you will automatically get an entry. The same goes for if you follow me on any social network, just enter your info below, no need to resubscribe.  Also don’t forget to share the giveaway with your friends, as you will see below spreading the love on social networks will get you more entries. 

I hope you all enjoy this, I look forward to seeing what you are excited to try from their line. Good luck!

The Contest is now closed, congratulations to Quinton W. on winning! 

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