A Non-toxic Deodorant In Stick Form + Giveaway

Ya know, deodorant is always a sticky subject. Thankfully, we come leaps and bounds from typical health food store natural deodorants that work for maybe 2 hours, if your lucky. Over the past few years the natural non-toxic deodorant market has had many contenders, many are good, some so-so, and others unstoppably wonderful. Green Tidings is one of those that falls in the unstoppably wonderful category. 

Green tidings is a baking soda based deodorant packed with everything right and nothing wrong. With nourishing coconut oil and calendula wax, healing and antibacterial tapioca powder, anti-inflammatory shea butter, and anti-stinking magnesium and baking soda it blends to form a semi-hard stick. 

Green Tidings deodorant review

I love love love that this deodorant is in stick form, that has been my one pet peeve of the deodorants I've used so far...they are all creams that have to be applied with your fingers. It's totally fine, but that one extra step of not having to wash your hand after you apply is just a winner for me. The stick form makes is fast and easy for those early morning wakeup calls when I'm still 3/4 asleep and trying to get ready for work. Plus, the man of the house prefers a stick any day. 

As far as strength, Green Tidings has got all bases covered. While, you will still sweat — and you will with any natural deodorant — you won't smell. I did a comparison two days with Green Tidings on one pit and Soapwalla (my goto cream) on the other and both times Green Tidings measured up! While, by the end of a busy day you may have a slight smell it's nothing noticeable to anyone else or really yourself unless you shove your nose in your pit — something I promise I only do when I'm testing deodorants - I'm no Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL - promise.

Green Tidings has definitely passed the natural deodorant tests on every level. It's non-irritating, easy to apply, lasts throughout the day, and affordably priced at $14. It's available in two scents, lavender (my fav) and unscented. I do wish there was another more masculine scent to choose from for the boys though. 

Plus it's super easy to buy for us Amazon folks, get yours in two days with Prime shipping. Paying 3-5$ for shipping on other natural deodorants was something I always hated doing...when the shipping cost 50% of the price of the product it's a hard purchase for me. Purchase yours here


Lets learn why conventional deodorant is unhealthy. I am talking about any brand you would buy at a drug store or grocery store except Tom's. The main concern is that armpits are close to breast tissue so anything you put there is being absorbed by the breast area. The majority of breast cancers are found in the upper outer quadrant of the breast (meaning armpit area), and when the tissue is tested for toxins common deodorant ingredients are found.  

Most people know that aluminum is the active ingredient in antiperspirant/deodorant and that it is quite bad for you. This has even made its way through newspapers and TV. It is linked to Alzheimer's (source) and found in breast tissue (source). It is also estrogenic, meaning it acts like estrogen in the body. These fake estrogens switch on genes in tumors and cause them to grow.  Did you know that even salt crystal deodorants that are sold in many health stores still contain aluminum? The label reads Potassium Alum, which is potassium aluminum sulfate...still contains aluminum. 

Parabens, another common ingredients in deodorant, are a class of preservatives that are linked to cancer and endocrine disruption because they are also estrogenic. You can find them by looking for the suffix -paraben, for example methylparaben and propylparaben. To the right is a chart that shows how the rate of breast cancer cell growth increases when exposed to parabens. Here is also a study that shows parabens present in breast tissue. They also are linked to reproductive problems, skin irritation, and sperm damage (source).

Another yucky thing is Fragrance, which is a euphemism for many hazardous chemicals. By law under The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act it is allowed to be labeled as just "fragrance" or "perfume" instead of what it really contains. Fragrance is usually a combo of lab made chemicals that produce a desired smell. These chemicals are not regulated and can contain whatever the company wants. On average 14 unlabeled chemicals are found when analyzing what is actually in "fragrance". The International Fragrance Association, after consumer demand, listed the 3,163 chemicals fragrance companies use. Of those, many were a 10 on the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) rating system. 10 is the highest score of their system, meaning most toxic to human health. For more on EWG, click here

Lastly, BHT is a food and cosmetics preservative, and as you guessed it's no bueno.  It is rated a 6 by the EWG and is linked to tumor growth and reproductive toxicity (source). So now that you have discovered a non-toxic deodorant that actually performs like it should, throw out your Secret and Dove...and get clean. 

Giveaway for three winners!

I am loving Green Tidings so much that they have offered to give away one stick of your choice scent to three lucky readers. Enter below to win.

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