February Beauty Heroes

I promised myself when I started this blog I wouldn’t write negative reviews for beauty products, if I didn’t like a product, I simply wouldn’t post a review. Keeping it positive is important to me. 

February Beauty Heroes subscription box review

So when I opened my Beauty Heroes Box for Febuary a pit developed in my stomach and a multiple day moral dilemma ensued. I had known them from declining a previous request to work with them that some of their products contain ingredients that don’t align with the Clean’s the New Black standards. I feel strongly about supporting companies whose entire lines are clean, not just a portion of them as those of us who aren’t label readers often fall prey to thinking when one product in a companies line is safe their entire line is as well. Plus, they are a multilevel marketing company and I am not a fan of that business model for many reasons. 

So, how is that a dilemma? Why just not write the review?

Well, for one I am a Beauty Heroes brand ambassador, so I felt a duty to write a review because of you lovely readers that are Beauty Heroes subscribers. And for two, I really like the Hero product. The Rose Neroli Body Oil is quite impressive and hosts an ingredients list packed with organic oils and is completely safe to use. 

So here it goes…

Februrary beauty heroes review

Rose Neroli Body Oil

Nourishing oils abound in this golden light body oil. All of us body oil fans say aye 🙋 and for all whom have never adventured into the land of body oil hold your breath because body oils rock. Always a favorite over body lotion they’re great year around adapting to your skins needs. Plus because they don’t contain water, strong preservatives (natural or not) can be avoided leaving room for only skin nourishing love. 

Beautycounter’s Rose Neroli Body Oil is a rose floral scent that stays with you for a few hours. You must love roses in order to fully like this oil as the main aroma is strong creamy rose. The value of this oil is $73 but us Beauty Heroes subscribers get it (and the sidekick) for only $39. Get one for yourself or give a gift card to a loved one with a 1-3 mo Beauty Heroes subscription. 

Beautycounter Petal Lip Sheer review

Petal Lip Sheer

This months sidekick, retailing for $30, is a lovely light pink neutral toned lip sheer. It’s ever so sheer, blendable, and goes well with most skin tones. I love this Lip Sheer during the day time for an added subtle color, livening up the face. The finish on the Sheer is mildly glossy, I suppose considered, perhaps, a satin. 

However, I am saddened to say the ingredients list is not something that lives up to my standards…mostly in part to the synthetic dye, Red 7 Lake. I was assured that the Beautycounter does third party testing for heavy metal contaminants in these dyes, which is wonderful. 

Heavy metal contaminants are one concern with synthetic dyes but it’s not the only one. Most Lake dyes are derived from petroleum and coal, neither of which I want anywhere near my skin. Even if they use a Red 7 Lake that’s derived from the alternative, plant or animal sources, there are still so many other viable options for colorants why not use those? I feel that by promoting the use of synthetic dyes by a company that touts green beauty false a safety assessment is given for any company that uses Red 7 Lake, it’s that slippery slope so many of us fall victim to and is a problem in the beauty industry. 

Personally, I will use up the Lip Sheer I have from the Beauty Heroes box here and there because it does perform very well. It’s smooth, creamy, moisturizing, and a very lovely shade. Admittedly my favorite lipstick shade of the moment. However, because of the use of Red 7 Lake I would not purchase it again. This is something you will have to decide for yourself as what we put on our skin is always a personal choice.

Hero On!

-Jena 💕

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