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Erzulie Cosmetics best products review

I think we can all agree that switching to clean beauty can be a feat all of its own. Usually, we start with our skincare products, perhaps a serum here and a cleanser there. Then once our daily routine is established it dawns on us…what about my makeup, is that toxic too? 

Why, yes it is.

In the next few weeks you’re going to see me talk a lot about makeup brands. I have scoured the clean beauty scene to bring you some of the best green makeup brands out there. Not only are they 100% non-toxic, always following the Standards of Clean, but they perform like magic. You won’t miss your conventional makeup one bit. 

Today I am going to share with you the first clean makeup brand I ever tried and loved. It is near and dear to my heart. I have been using this brand since 2012 and love most of everything I have tried. Without further ado, Erzulie Cosmetics.

Erzulie Cosmetics review
Erzulie Cosmetics has long been my fav #greenbeauty brand. It's affordable, high performance, and all natural. Come see my favorite picks from the line.

Erzulie Cosmetics

Erzulie Cosmetics is founded by, Rhonda Demars, a natural cosmetics formulator and holistic nutritional consultant. Her mission is to provide natural products that bring out our inner beauty. Awesome, right? Erzulie is a goddess of love and beauty, helping beautify from inside first and then radiating that glow outward.

Erzulie is an eco-conscious company, using BPA free recycled packaging, having a low carbon footprint, and using organic ingredients. Plus, everything is handmade in the USA. Each of her products from face wash to mascara is formulated with the best of ingredients and without harmful synthetic ingredients. 

Another highlight of the brand is their consistent high quality customer service. Rhonda is still the one who does every transaction and is very aware of her customers needs. Each time I have purchased from her the communication is quick and the shipping swift. At one point in time I had a product I was not over the moon about and she quickly remedied the issue by sending me out another product. It’s no wonder on Etsy alone she has had 27,700 sales!

I can attest that Erzulie Cosmetics products are high quality at affordable prices, the latter not often found in the green beauty scene. With most products under $10 it is easy to fill up your makeup bag with Erzulie. Plus, her products are so concentrated you need very little of them, making them last and last.

For these reasons Erzulie is my favorite beauty line. If I had to choose my top clean makeup products Erzulie Cosmetics would consistently fill many of those spots. Keep reading to see what those products are.

Goddess Glow Brightener review

Goddess Glow Brightener

So this is my “you’re going to an island for 30 days and can only take one thing with you” item. It takes the cake for my favorite makeup product. This creamy brightener glides on and blends in effortlessly. Only to reveal a glow you never knew was there. 

I frequently get complements when I wear this product, asking what I do to get such glowing skin. It just gives a subtle iridescence to the skin but in no way overpowering or really like you are wearing anything at all. It is the ultimate product for the “I am not wearing makeup” look.

Goddess Glow Brightener comes in an easy to use pump, that dispenses a perfect amount for both cheeks in one pump. Its consistency is light and creamy with a bit weight to it. I apply it to my cheek bones and top of forehead by dotting a small amount along the bone and then blending in a circular motion with my fingers. Once it is applied the heat of the skin allows it to blend even further permitting it to smoothly fade into skin. It is never greasy or over done looking. I often use it alone, or on days when I want a color pop I apply a blush over it just on the apples of my cheeks. (see more on the blush below)

Not only does Goddess Glow Brightener perform amazingly it also nourishes your skin at the same time. With jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, aloe, and olive squalane the skin gets a drink of vitamins, omegas, and phospholipids. Great for any skin type, including acne prone, it is a must try for all of us. Purchase it here.

Erzulie Cosmetics Concealer stick review

Mineral Makeup Concealer Stick

Although it comes in a small package, this concealer really packs a punch. It is highly pigmented, creamy, and acne safe. There are five color options, I have the two lightest, and rotate them seasonally with the changes in my skin color. 

Lets talk a bit about how magically this covers. I have found that many natural concealers don’t provide enough coverage. Well, Erzulie Cosmetics formula is a winner because it covers like a bandaid. Perfect for under eye circles or pimples, it stays in its place all day and rarely creases. Strong enough to cover dark purple eye circles and red spots. I use this bad boy every day on my eyes, making it my second most used and second most favorite clean beauty product. It’s amazing.

Packaged, like a chapstick, the rollup design allows the products to stay fresh and to be easily thrown in a bag for the on-the-go girl. The formula is designed to not only blend with any skin tone but also reflect light. Perhaps why it's such a stud at masking those imperfections. I always apply mine with a small concealer brush for the best application. I find if I use my finger straightway it applies far to much product. A little goes a long way here. 

For those of you who need a green concealer Erzulie’s Mineral Makeup Concealer Stick will satisfy. Skin nourishing ingredients, non pore clogging, with amazing coverage it has all the bases covered. Find it here.

Erzulie Cosmetics colorstick review

Lipstick and Cream Blush Colorstick

A girl always needs more room in her purse, right? Well, this next product gives you just that because it multitasks like a son-of-a-gun. One small product to take with you instead of two...Erzulie’s 2-in-1 Colorsticks. She makes 12 shades of Colorsticks that are both blush and lipstick in one. 

Another creamy highly pigmented formula that’s rich and long lasting. I was hesitant at first to try a creme blush but now that I have it is my preferred method. Apply just a finger dab to the back of the hand and then swirl to warm before applying to the cheeks. Used as a blush the color lasts all day, keeping the same intensity throughout the day. 

As a lipstick it is hydrating, rich, and thick. It has amazing staying power and gives those kissers a great pop of color. With buildable color you can achieve anywhere from a slight tint to a full blown lipstick. It also lasts for hours, but being that it’s not waterproof (who wants a waterproof lipstick anyway) it fades with eating or drinking. However, the easy chapstick like packaging makes it easy to reapply without a mirror. 

Erzulie Cosmetics Jenny lipstick and cream blush review

The two shown here are Jenny and Vesna. Jenny (above) has been a fav of mine for years, giving a perfect run around the block flush. In the photo you can see how bright the color is. However, when applied correctly the color is not overpowering at all. Fuchsia pink with a slight light purple undertone it works to brighten neutral, pink, and yellow skin-tones. I use this color multiple times a week as a blush…so I suppose it’s my third favorite beauty product, or maybe second.

Erzulie Cosmetics Vesna colorstick review

Vesna, the other color, is new for me and I am loving it. It’s a great warm color, soft, and dynamic. A burnt red base with a bit of brown and plum. This Colorstick gives more of a glossy finish to the lips. I am loving using this sparingly on my lips as it gives a nice finished look to my makeup. When applied more heavily it is a dark earthy lipstick. On the cheeks it gives just a subtle sun kissed glow…nothing too overpowering. Find all the Colorstick colors here.

Erzulie Cosmetics mineral gel eyeliner pot review

Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pot 

Long lasting, smooth, and non-smudging. This is a great alternative to those nasty conventional eyeliners that sting and burn. It performs at the same caliber without the toxins. Plus it lasts and lasts, and is only $10.95. This small pot of black goodness needs an angled eyeliner brush for application. It makes a nice clean line when applied and when used with a smugger achieves the perfect smokey eye. 

Because it contains no harsh driers, this product takes a bit to dry completely. However, once it does the color is intense and staying. If I apply it in the early am by the evening I do have a bit of drift. However, since I usually only use black eyeliner at night I am good throughout the time I'm out. 

The formula does claim to be semi waterproof, and while I haven’t tested this out specifically I can tell you without a good makeup remover it is challenging to get off…making me think the claim is 100% correct. The Mineral Gel Pots also come in dark plum and dark brown. Find the them here.

Erzulie Review-012.jpg

Goddess Glaze

A glossy light lip gloss available in 8 colors all with a light peppermint flavor. I have Zola, a warm medium pink with gold and pink shimmer. First about the formula; mango and avocado butters plus almond and avocado oils nourish the lips and give a glossy gleaming finish to these glosses. As with all the Erzulie Cosmetics products this formula is as natural and clean as could be. No petroleum products or irritating preservatives here, just clean skin loving ingredients that actually benefit us instead of harming. 

The gloss is a light formula, non-sticky, and silky. I do wish it had more staying power though. Even without eating or drinking within less than an hour I feel I need to reapply. However, if you use one of her Colorsticks underneath it it lasts much longer. Plus you can customize your color by combining the Colorstick and Glaze of your choice. 

Onto the specifics about Zola. I would imagine this gloss will go well with most skin tones. The coral base however makes it a stellar choice for us yellow undertones gals. It’s warming but not too flashy, making it a great everyday color. For only $7 it’s a steal, or buy two for $10, find all the 8 colors here.

Erzulie Cosmetics Rx color shine review

Mineral Lipstick Rx Color & Shine

Almost like a cross between a gloss and a lipstick the Rx Color & Shine is a such a clever product. Packaged in a roll up tube, application is easy and convenient. The shine level is only slightly less than a gloss but the formula is light and very creamy. It makes me want to constantly rub my lips together because it’s so smooth. 

The formula hydrates as well, no dry flakey lips like the aftermath of conventional lip sticks. My lips love when they have Rx Color & Shine on them, plus I get a pop of shiny color to brighten my look. 

I have this lipstick in Aurora, a warm red/brown. It is quite similar in color to the Colorstick, Vesna, just with a glossier finish and perhaps a bit more brown. Because of the gloss finish I think it looks fine without the use of a lipliner. However, with the Colorstick if I apply it heavily I think it needs a liner to finish off the look. Overall, these two products are very similar, with just a few slight differences. Find all of the Rx Color & Shines here. 

erzulie cosmetics review

With approachable prices, great formulas, and clean ingredients Erzulie Cosmetics is a company your makeup bag is yearning for. The Goddess Glow is a must have for those of you looking to purchase any new product. And grab one of the Colorsticks to really get an idea of what this company is about. The healthy radiant skin we all have is illuminated with Erzulie Cosmetics, not stifled. While, I have only shared with you a handful of her products the line continues with many other cosmetic options as well as a skincare line. Find everything at www.progressinhealth.com

Ps: If you are wondering exactly what your conventional cosmetics and skincare products contain read this post that breaks it down for ya. 

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