Problem Skin? Don't Go Another Day Without These

Keep it fresh and light with Earthwise Beauty's Liquid Moisturizer Ambrosia del Cerrado and Nap in the Meadow Serum.

You've heard me mention recently how much better my skin looks and feels with minimal oil based products. I notice less congestion and blemishes and overall increased glow. This definitely depends on your individual skin type as well as season, but I suggest if you're having issues with acne, congestion, and irritation trial emollient or aloe based lightweight serums for at least a month (the skin takes 28 days to regenerate) and see how it goes. I think you will be surprised.

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One choice for that process is Earthwise Beauty's two aloe vera based lightweight hydrators. The Nap and Ambrosia del Cerrado. Earthwise Beauty is a beautifully well rounded brand and formulated with the utmost attention to every aspect of the product. You can be assured that when you purchase their products you are receiving goods from some of the highest standards in the beauty industry.

When I say every aspect I mean...every-aspect. The founder, Ava Zhan, is incredibly meticulous regarding her sourcing, botanical selection, synergy of those botanicals, potency, storage, freshness...I could go on. Here is a great article explaining the ethos of Earthwise and why they are one of my top picks if you're looking for unsurpassed quality from a trustworthy green beauty company.

Because as we know...just because a label says safe, non-toxic, or natural doesn't mean it is.

Back to the products

While Earthwise has a full line of skincare for every skin concern I can attest to the lovelyness of these two beauties for acne prone/sensitive skin. I would be shocked if the other products were anything but just as amazing as these two.

Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer & Toner

What a golden beauty this product is! The color alone is inviting and the smell...oh the smell! It's a lovely bright fruity guava scent with a zing as the top note. If it was a food I would most definitely eat it...like a lot of it.

Gaining its dominate scent from the pequi fruit oil the Earthwise Ambrosia del Cerrado is a true combo of toner and moisturizer. Aloe vera imparts the toning pore closing qualities while the pequi, buriti, and moringa oils pamper the skin in vitamins and antioxidants.

The texture is silky and light with fast absorption into the skin. It is perfect for days and nights you want your skin to breathe...something I have found so important to my skin's health. Entirely cold processed you can see and smell the freshness oozing out of the bottle. My skin drinks up each dose as if taking its daily vitamin, only to reveal soft perfectly hydrated and never weighed down skin.

The Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid is available here starting at $40 for 1oz. Earthwise also sells samples in smaller quantities, you can see the selection from the drop down "size" menu.

Use code CleansTheNewBlack to save 15% off your order.


Nap in the Meadow Serum

I must confess I am partial to Earthwise The Nap in the Meadow because it's blue...my favorite color. And it's calming chamomile and soft floral fragrance, I love that too. Oh, and it's infused with flower essences-a gentle energetic healing modality I have used since a child.

But setting the color, essences, and fragrance aside for a moment let's deconstruct the product. Based in organic aloe vera (another fav of mine) and blended with some seriously superstar botanicals like turmeric, elderberry, yarrow, helichrysum, copabia, geranium and blue chamomile The Nap is oh so heavenly.

Like the Ambrosia, it's ultra-lightweight yet powerful. With something for every skin type the botanicals bring antioxidants, calming, anti-aging, scar reducing, and acne stopping benefits. Oh yes, and it's tissue repairing and hydrates to perfection.

It's best used just after washing, before other products are applied. I've even come to skip my favorite step in skincare, toner/hydrasols because The Nap makes them obsolete. Shocking, I know. It blends well with products placed on top of it, and my favorite way to use it is mixing one pump in my palm with a dropper of the Ambrosia.

While it's not moisturizing enough to be used without another other hydrator (nor is it suppose to be), for my skin mixing it with the Ambrosia is the perfect one-two for all day moisture. For dry skin types this would probably not suffice, however. The addition of an oil based serum after would probably be just what the doctor ordered though.

Each time I use these products I am reminded why I love them so. My skin never has issues of breakouts or congestion after, and it feels lightweight all day yet calm and hydrated.

The Nap in the Meadow is available to purchase here starting at $50 for 1oz.

And remember save yourself 15% off by using code CleansTheNewBlack at checkout. 

Love & Light 💕 


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