DIY Detox Mask Two Ways


Detoxing is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. Internal detoxing can keep your body working smoothly and fight off chronic disease. There are many methods we can choose to detox from juicing to oral chelation, but what about our skin? The skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything that touches it...which is why we all love clean beauty! However, what about detoxing through our skin...reversing the process and pulling toxins out from it. Just as the skin absorbs, it can also release. 

  My daughter and I trying out the Hydrating DIY Mask

My daughter and I trying out the Hydrating DIY Mask

The green beauty blog, short, small & sweet, understands this concept well. Ru-Chan, the lovely lady behind the blog works tirelessly to bring us the best in clean and green beauty. The products she recommends are safe for our bodies and can even help them to heal on the inside as well as out. As you may remember from last week, she guest posted for us here at CTNB. Her Supercharge Your Smoothie post was wonderful, and I have already incorporated using maca in my smoothies upon her recommendations.  

Well, now Ru and I have traded places...I am a guest on her blog this week. So head on over to short, small & sweet to see my entire post for DIY Detox Mask Two Ways. I give you simple recipes for a hydrating and a brightening detox mask. Don't forget to peruse her blog as well. One of my favorite recents posts is Detox Your Manicure. She shares great ways to still have beautifully polished nails even when using clean beauty. 

Happy DIYing


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