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Vinters Daughter review

Two months ago the Beauty Heroes box was graced by a unique skincare ritual, In Fiore, and their 4-2-4 cleansing method. Aside from masks I had never thought as skincare being a ritual until I experienced their products. However, since using In Fiore changed my mindset I find myself actually looking forward to taking care of my skin.  Something we heard Lauren Burkitt's speak to in her post last week. Since ritualizing my skincare I have seen great results in my skin and mentally as well when I cleanse, hydrate, etc. with a positive relaxing mind set. I highly encourage you to give it a try. 

Vintners daughter active botanical serum review

So, getting to my point, this months Beauty Heroes box drives the issue home that rituals should be throughout our skincare regime as they make for a more holistic experience that calms the nerves…and in turn yields more radiant skin. 

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum is the hero and only product in Decembers box...and for a good reason. Retailing for $185 there is no need for a sidekick product this month. Plus, this product stands alone strong and proud ready to whisk us away into luxury beauty heaven.

Vintner's Daughter is a northern California based brand founded by April Gargiulo. April, is the daughter of a Vintner and has helped to build her families winery, Gargiulo Vineyards, into a success. Taking a similar approach April started Vintner’s Daughter aiming to have one and only one product…but one that was amazing enough to create a brand around itself. And she has definitely succeeded. 

Luxury serum

The Serum

Infused with 22 active botanicals Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a warm golden serum that’s light and active. My normal skin often doesn't take to serums, however Vintner's Daughter soaks right in and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I feel like this serum was formulated for my personal skin as it soaks up the nutrients, balances, and hydrates. I have not gone a day without using it since it’s arrived...which is saying something for a girl who's got way to many clean beauty products in her cabinet.  

The ritual for this serum comes from the application process. Using their push-press method the serum’s scent is first inhaled methodically to soothe the senses and then massaged over the face gently. This is followed by a push-press technique in which you press the oil into the skin with the palm of your hands for 60 seconds. Between the intoxicating floral scent and the mild massage the skin is perked up, revived, and nourished. Plus, by massaging the skin muscle tension is reduced and therefore wrinkles too.

Coupon for Vintners daughter serum

The serum totes lightening qualities, reduction of fine lines, and deep repair. And while I cannot attest to these long term benefits because it's only been two weeks of use I can tell you I really love this serum and have not doubts in the claims. 

Using it day and night (which I don’t do with any other serum) my skin is balanced and supple. Plus when applied before my Erzulie Foundation (giveaway to come soon on Instagram) it makes one of the best skin preps. The foundation goes on evenly and smoothly and the combo gives my skin a buffed appearance.

Intrigued to try this luxury serum?! Join beauty heroes today for a once in a life time price of $39 for a full sized serum. Hurry too because I have a feeling these babies will go fast...as it's just an amazing serum no matter which way you slice it. Don’t forget you can give one as a gift too!

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