Limited Edition Clean's the New Black Skincare

The day is finally here! 

You know those days when you just feel awesome? One of your long term goals has finally gotten it’s act together and come to fruition, and you are over the moon it’s finally here. Today it that day for me, I am so excited to announce the limited edition run of Clean’s the New Black & Studio Aroma Skincare products. Over nine months in the making, today is the day…Hurray!!!

I’ve long been a fan of Studio Aroma (find an interview with the founder, Jen, here), a Canadian skincare brand founded by an expert aromatherapist. Their products are straightforward and always potent. Formulated from raw ingredients, mixed by hand, and infused with love, Studio Aroma consistently produces products that bring out the best in our skin with each season. 

Clean's the New Black Skincare review

The Products

Hat’s off to Jen, because she had created two amazing products formulated to brighten dull skin. With my loose suggestions of ingredients, results, and product type Jen has run with the ideas and developed something that’s honestly beyond anything I had imagined. If I could keep all of the products to myself to have an everlasting batch I would, but then you all wouldn’t get to experience our hard work…and it would be a bit greedy. 😉

Without further ado...the Sandalwood Hydrasol Toner and Strawberry Yogurt Mask Powder. Both offered at affordable price points and both great for any skin type.  

Cleans the New Black Sandalwood Toner Review

Sandalwood Hydrosol Toner

Hydrate + Heal + Calm

Oozing with Sandalwood, our Toner is effortless yet enchanting. The delightful earthy scent of Sandalwood dominates our Hydrosol toner as it's the primary ingredient. This leaves its rich benefits ready for maximum absorption by the skin. Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years for its powerful skin healing properties. It is one of the most highly valued oils in aromatherapy and is a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, hydrating, toning, and healing botanical

Studio Aroma Sandalwood Toner Review

Only three ingredients comprise this light earthy toner: Sandalwood hydrosol, Calendula hydrosol, and vitamin e. And let me tell you this baby is potent! To make each hydrosol Jen uses a minimum of 1 kg of botanical per 1 liter of water for infusion…meaning it’s an intensely concentrated formula. Naturally infused for multiple months the Sandalwood Hydrosol Toner is a labor of love. 

The other herb, Calendula, is an ultra calming herb and is known for its healing properties. This botanical is anti-inflammatory and hydrating making it great for dry over worked skin, acne, sensitive skin, and issues with inflammation. Combined with the ultra healing properties of sandalwood these two combine to make a toner any skin type can benefit from. Plus the vitamin e reduces free radicals via its antioxidant effects, which fights off aging plus deeply nourishes the skin. 

The Toner may be used day or night after cleansing. To use you may mist directly from the bottle onto your face, spray onto a cotton ball and apply to skin, or spray into palms and rub between your hands followed by gently pressing the liquid into your skin.

The later is my favorite way because the rich scent of the sandalwood is released when warmed between the palms, making for an aromatic skin ritual. Follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer. A fourth application option is to apply after your oil based serum, this will be extra hydrating as it drives both the oil and hydrasol into the skin for maximum absorption. 

I have been using the Sandalwood Hydrosol twice a day since I’ve received it, and I loathe the day it will run out. The scent alone is so grounding and relaxing, perfect to de-stress and calm a running mind. The spray offers a gentle dose of hydration that is perfect for days when heavy serums and oils are just too much. My skin feels “just right” after a dose of the Hydrosol…more calm, moisturized, and happy. 

It can be purchased here for $22 for 100ml.

And remember buy while you can because this is alimited run…once they’re gone they’re gone! 

Cleans the New Black Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Brighten + Heal + Revive

A fruity blend of brightening botanicals and vitamins, our Strawberry Yogurt Mask revives dull complexions and battles signs of aging. Its ingredients offer a unique combination of rejuvenating nutrients that is good for both aging and acne prone skin. It’s exfoliating, brightening, and smoothing and is great at healing damaged areas. With no fillers, each ingredient is there for a purpose and your skin will thank you afterwards by feeling ultra smooth and extra illuminated. 

Clean's the New Black Skincare
  • Strawberry is a natural exfoliant thanks to its alpha hydroxy acids, plus it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamin c, and flavonoids. 
  • A triplet of vitamins B3, B6 and C these do wonders for scar and fine line reduction. Plus they all prevent breakouts. The vitamin c powder (more on the benefits of topical vitamin C here) is essentially a powerhouse against cell damage, aging, and sun spots. Vitamin B3 is a powerful little vitamin, I apply it daily in JMAs B3 serum and cannot speak to how amazing it is at reducing scaring and breakouts. 
  • Kaolin clay, also called white clay, is the most gentle of clays as it’s non-drying or irritating. Unlike most other clays, it leaves the skins natural oils in place, which makes it great for gentle detoxification without that deserty dry feeling.    
  • Yogurt is soothing and moisturizing yet gently exfoliates with it’s natural lactic acid. It rejuvenates and softens and is safe for all skin types. 
  • Trehalose is a moisturizing compound that draws water to the cells. It improves elasticity and protects. 
  • Allantoin regenerates the skin by stimulating lymph and white blood cells. It’s also soothing and skin softening. 

The Mask comes in powered form, this makes it highly customizable to your skins needs. Water is the most straightforward ingredient but the options are endless, perhaps aloe vera to soothe or lemon juice for ultra brightening effects. The best way yet is to combine it with the Sandalwood Hydrosol Toner, this boosts the hydrating and heating properties. Dry or wet the scent of strawberries and cream fills the nose. The mask is rose pink when wet and applies smoothly. 

Clean's the New Black limited edition mask

To Use

Mix with your desired liquid to form a thin paste. Apply with the application brush or your fingers, avoiding eye area. Leave on skin for 10-20 minutes or until dry. Rinse with a warm cloth and admire how smooth and even your skin is. Follow with a toner and serum. Repeat once a week.

It’s can be purchased here for $23

So that's the scoop my green beauties! A Toner and Mask that complement one another to nourish and brighten. Head to Jen's Etsy store to purchase, but don't delay as this is an extreatmly limited run. 

Love & Health
   -Jena 💕

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