A Look Inside a Clean Girl's Medicine Cabinet

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Chrissy's Medicine Cabinet

What is the best way to know what beauty and health products someone uses and loves? The drawers? The sink cabinets? No, these are places containers and vials go and never return...until you move and are forced to clean them at least. However, take a peek inside her bathroom medicine cabinet and you will find gold! It’s prime real-estate, easily accessible and easily viewable. Only the créme de la créme are allowed to live there. If the product doesn't make the cut for frequent enough use, off to the drawer it goes. 

This, my friends, is the basis for a series I am starting. Once a month I am going to bring you a glimpse inside a special clean girl’s medicine cabinent. We will talk about the products, the natural remedies, what her favorites are and why. Afterall isn't the best way to find a steller product and effective home remedy via word of mouth? Who believes company adds anyway, promising the moon only to deliver a pebble.

To start this lovely series with a bang I can think of no better person than Chrissy Jones. Mrs. Jones is beautiful, always poised, and has the most radiant skin which always has a perfect glow. She is a clean beauty devotee and had a huge influence on me when I was first diving into the clean beauty scene. Encouraging me to try various products and pointing me towards reputable companies. Without her I would have been lost in an amazingly large sea of natural & clean beauty products.  Her recommendations have always been spot on, not one product dissatisfied. 

I am thrilled share with you her favs of health, beauty, and personal care essentials. Without further adou here they are...in the words of Mrs. Jones herself.   

  Her Medicine Cabinet

Her Medicine Cabinet

Top Shelf, Left to Right

              Most items on this shelf I use weekly

  • Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey 
    • I use it as a mask (more details on that below) and as a go to home remedy. I put it on blemishes, burns, or when my skin needs extra TLC
  • Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil- Love this stuff! Nourishes my ends and smells amazing! Great for taming frizzy hair and unruly ends. 
  • DoTerra Balance Oil- This essential oils has a woody warm scent. It is a mix of blue chamomile, ho wood, frankenscence, spruce, and blue tansy flower. I place a few drops on my wrists before walking out the door, very centering. I love doTerra oils. 
  • Leila Lou Natural Perfume Oil by Rosie Jane - This is one of my favorite perfumes! I use the tiniest drop and the scent lingers for hours. 
  • Handcrafted Charcoal mask by my beautiful friend Kristina that I use as a mask and scrub. It works wonders and is the talk of the town! For the CTNB DIY Charcol Detox Mask Recipe click here
  • Mountain Rose Herbs French Green Clay - I seriously have been using this mask over ten years. I use it once a week after steaming my face.  It is mined from the cleanest bedrock deposits across the globe. This clay pulls toxins from the skin and leaves my face feeling like silk, I love this stuff! Better than Botox (although I've never tried and never will). Plus the bag lasts forever. My other go to mask is Mountain Rose Herbs White Cosmetic Clay
 Bottom Shelf

Bottom Shelf

Bottom Shelf from Left to Right

        I use these items daily       

  • Inesscents Organic Jojoba Oil- I use to cleanse my skin, remove eye makeup & as moisturizer for my face and body. I swap between this brand and Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Acure Brightening Facial Scrub - I use it every other day exfoliation. It has tiny smooth polishing beads and is very gentle on the skin. 
  • Mountain Rose Herbs Classic Facial Oil- I have been using this every single night for past 15 years. It contains Rosa Mosqueta oil which is great for discoloration, lines, scars and it dry skin
  • Shea Terra Organics Moroccan Argan Oil- This is my daily moisturizer I use under sunscreen. I swap between this and Acure Argan Oil.
  • Leahlani Skin Care Coconut Vanilla Perfume Oil - so amazing I could eat it! It's me, Jena, chiming in now...this is the most amazing perfume. It is nutty and soft with a smooth vanilla finish...a must have for vanilla lovers!
  • Epicuren Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27 - I've been using this daily for 10 years! I've tried other sunscreens but always come back to this. Mineral protection, fragrance free, and not greasy. 
  • CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm- pricey little tube so I use sparingly wherever I'm dry around corners of nose or if I get a little scrape or blemish on the skin I dot this on! 
  • Gressa Lip Boost in Bare- Hands down the absolute perfect lip color! The founder of this company radiates pure natural beauty! 
  • Bach Rescue Remedy- for when I need natural stress relief! Jena again here...Rescue Remedy is great for kids and adults to help calm down and relax. I always carry some in my purse. It is 100% safe and all homeopathic. 
  • Laurel Lip Treatment in lavender- I met Laurel and fell in love with her healing natural & nourishing skin care line! 
  • Similasan Dry Eye Relief - because I'm addicted to eye drops. This doesn't contain any harsh vasoconstrictors like most other brands. It is homeopathically based and it a great natural eye drop. 
  • Essie nail polish in Adore-a-ball - Not natural but my go to daily polish. 
  • Chanel Lip Gloss #297 -  A pretty pinky beige that I can wear day or night. No, it's not Eco friendly but every girl needs a little Chanel every now and then 😉

A Few Questions for Chrissy

What is your clean beauty story?

Come check out these green beauty and natural remedy finds. Taking a peek inside the cabinet of Chrissy Jones of Uncommon Beauté

Growing up in LA, and being the youngest of five beautiful sisters, I was surrounded by beauty products and makeup from a young age. When I was around 12 my sister started getting into health foods and worked at a cool hippyish health food store by the beach. I remember going there and loving all the oatmeal masks and scrubs. It was about that time I really started being interested in “natural" skincare. I've taken diligent care of my skin ever since but it wasn't until I had kids that I really started researching organic and non toxic alternatives. I rarely buy any commercial brands and love supporting clean organic artisanal companies…but I did just buy a great Chanel lipgloss in Italy!😳

Why is clean beauty important to you? 

    Clean beauty is important to me because the skin is one of our largest organs and absorbs everything we put into it (for more on this topic see this post). I want to protect myself and my family from the harsh chemicals used in anything from beauty products, to household products, to the paint I use on my walls! I try my hardest to keep my living environment free of toxins! There is no excuse not to use a clean beauty routine as there are hundreds of amazing "green beauty" lines available today. 

Have you noticed a difference in your skin and body since you have been using clean products?

I definitely can see a difference in my skin today from say 15 years ago, as I have progressed into a toxic free skincare routine over the years. My skin used to be more sensitive and I would get the occasional adult breakout however, now that I do not use any chemicals it is way less sensitive or irritated. My hair also seems healthier and less dry! 

If you had to pick one product from your medicine cabinet that you couldn't live without what would it be and why? 

Hmmm, I have quite a few favorite products but if I  had to choose one I couldn't live without I think it would be organic jojoba oil. I use either Inessence or Mountain Rose Herbs jojoba oil daily for everything from removing eye makeup, oil cleansing, moisturizing my face, lips, body and hair. I’ve turned both my daughters onto it as well for their daily moisturizer. Jojoba oil contains many beneficial fatty acids, is similar to skins own natural sebum, and is high in Vitamin E. I have to say that I think the use of organic oils on my skin for years has prevented me from having wrinkles in my forties. 

What is a secret home remedy of yours when you are feeling under the weather?

My go to secret home remedy would probably have to be my love of essential oils and their many uses!  If anyone in my family has the sniffles or a cough I immediately get out my diffuser and fill it with healing oils to detoxify the air in our home. Essential oils give me an overall sense of well being when I'm using them. I keep a mixture of rosemary, lavender, orange and lemon in a glass spray bottle and mist it all throughout my house and on our pillows. I'll rub eucalyptus on our chests if we're sick, and basil oil is great to rub behind my sons ears after surfing as it helps with ear infections from swimmers ear. I love doTerra essential oils the most and recently became a distributor. 

You mentioned you use the Wedderspoon honey as a mask. How do you make it?

I discovered Manuka honey about a year ago and love it as a staple in my skincare routine. Raw honey is filled with skin healing and nourishing antioxidants. It is antibacterial and can be used on dry skin, blemishes, minor burns, cuts scrapes, etc.

I make a DIY mask by first steaming my skin a few minutes and then add a drop of Mountain Rose Herbs Classic Rose Face Oil to about a Tbs of Wedderspoon honey and then rub the mixture into my skin and keep it on for about an hour or so then wash off with warm water. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and healthy! Raw Organic honey has endless benefits…My famous last words around my house, "Put honey on it!"


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