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Summer Nights Trio Review Cee Cee and Bee

With summertime in full swing our skin is often parched. A combo of dry air, heat, and sun exposure will leave alligator skin galore, not too sightly for those summer bikini sessions. Thankfully, Cee Cee & Bee has a trio of products formulated to soothe and calm dry over sunned skin. The Summer Nights After Sun Skincare Set contains an Aloe Spray, Soap, and Skin Serum which form a complete power packed set to address all our summer skin woes. 

Cee Cee & Bee Summer Nights After Sun Skincare Set, a great way to soothe over sunned and burned skin.

I have been enjoying this trio for a few weeks now and am not only loving each individual product but also how well they cohesively work together. I have soothed skin over exposed to Vegas pools and treated under hydrated skin from daily life. I imagine if I still lived at the beach that I wouldn’t be found without the spray and oil in my beach bag.

A little bit of a background on the company, Cee Cee & Bee. Based out of San Diego, CA this company is run by two sisters Charlene and Debbie. They have a passion for organic and simple ingredients with products suited for the most sensitive of skin. With many of their ingredients coming from their very own organic garden or sourced locally I can count on them to live up to the high standards of green beauty. They not only offer bath and body care but also cleaning supplies, tub teas, washcloths, and laundry soap. Shipping is always at flat $5, plus their products are at many brick and mortar stores across the US. Check out the full line up here. 

Summer Nights Aloe Spray review, cee cee and bee

Summer Nights Aloe Spray

This aloe vera based spray is my favorite product of the three. First off, the organic aloe is hand harvested from their backyard by Charlene herself. Then they blend into it an amazing combo of organic essential oils to soothe, repair, and relieve. It is an easy and convenient way to get soothing aloe on your skin during and immediately after sun exposure. 

Aloe Spray summer Nights

Aloe vera is one of may favorite herbal treatments. I have a plant of my own and you will often find me cutting large pieces off and slathering it on my skin, no matter what time the year. Cee Cee & Bee fortunately has made it much easier for all of us to have fresh aloe right at our finger tips. 

Aloe in known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It combats sun damage and smoothes away fine lines, making it a popular household remedy.  Sadly, almost all of the store bought aloe sprays or gels have nasty thickeners and preservatives. Which, really defeat the purpose of aloe in the first place...not Cee Cee & Bee's though.

The scent of the Summer Nights Aloe Spray is light and floral with a delicate earthy rose finish. Because it has no thickeners this spray is thin and easily soaks into skin. Cee Cee & Bee have used a fantastic sprayer (one of my pet peeves is when a spray feature doesn't apply evenly) for this packaging so even application is always fuss free.

The bottle is larger than I expected and will last through the summer at least, with a price point of $9 it's a steal. I have been using this lovely spray all over my body and on my face. I like it so much that I find myself applying it even when I haven't been outside. 

Summer Nights Aloe Spray makes a lovely pick-me-up mist anytime of day. My skin is soothed, moisturized, and calm. If used in the sun it is a great way to cool off and refresh. Also, at least for my skin type, the combo of the oil and aloe spray during sun exposure prevented any burning and left me only with golden tanned skin. Find the individual bottle here and the trio here. 

Summer Nights Body Serum, cee cee and bee

Summer Nights Body Serum

Amazingly light but packed with many benefits the Summer Nights Serum body oil works great during and post sun exposure. Blended with kakui nut, rice bran, calendula, and helichrysum oils the combo is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and full of fatty acids and vitamins. This oil offers the skin a strong dose of hydration and calming compounds which prevent and reverse sun damage

Packaged in a convenient pump bottle, it makes it easy to take to the beach or pool and not make a sandy greasy mess. This oil is a lovely warm orange, slightly viscous and transparent. It smells wonderful, similar to the Aloe Spray with a floral earthy scent. The fragrance comes from the healing blend of essential oils and lasts for hours on my skin. It is not overpowering in the least and I love it as an alternative to perfume on those days I am using the oil. 

To use the Summer Nights Serum I apply a few pumps to each portion of my body: legs, arms, torso, etc. It easily blends in and absorbs very quickly. Making it a great post swim moisturizer. Plus, for my skin type it doubles as a high quality tanning oil. When I apply it while sunbathing it protects my skin from getting burned, allowing it to tan evenly (I am not suggesting to skip sunscreen, do what works with your skin type).

As an after sun treatment I am loving using the Aloe Spray first and then when my skin is still damp applying the oil. This allows for maximum hydration because the oil locks the aloe into the skin. Find the oil individually here or in the trio set here

Summer Nights Soap Review cee cee and bee

Summer Nights Soap 

Being that I am not a huge fan of bar soap I was surprised how easily the Summer Nights Soap became a favorite. The hydrating and sun damage reversing ingredients are similar to the other products in the trio. Aloe, calendula, coconut oil, rose hips, kakui nut, and helichrysum combine to banish sunburns and soothe over worked skin. 

This soap foams nicely and easily rinses dirt down the drain. Because of the hydrating properties of the oils my skin doesn’t feel overly dry or parched, so common with other bar soaps. My favorite feature to this soap is the exfoliating component. On one side of the soap there is a rough area, perhaps from the rosehips, calendula, and helichrysum flowers settling there in the soap making process. I make sure to use this side on dry patches throughout my body. This mild abrasiveness makes it great at scrubbing away dry dead skin. Get the individual bar here

Cee cee and bee review

The Trio

While you can purchase each of these Summer Night’s items individually to get the best results try the trio. Plus, it’s on sale right now for $32.99. I highly recommend buying the set because the products work so well together. Like a sea anomie and a clown fish, they are made for one another. 

Starting with the Soap, the skin is exfoliated and moisture levels are evened. Then immediately post shower the Aloe Spray soothes burned and sunned skin cooling and calming. Finishing off with the Body Serum it locks in moisture, deeply hydrating, and reversing sun damage. Get the trio here while it’s still on sale

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay golden with Cee Cee & Bee! 💕

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