The Quintessence of Green Beauty

I'm sure you've heard of farm-to-table food, fresh organic food from local farms prepared by talented chefs. Alive, dynamic, nourishing, and delicious...the way food should be. Some of my fav restaurants are farm-to-table, and I am so happy to see this vibrant trend is gaining in popularity. But what if we took that concept one step further...farm-to-face. No, not a resturant where you slather food on your face but rather skincare that's as fresh as our food and directly from organic farms. I hadn’t heard of the concept until Bottega Organica introduced me to their product line, and now I am sold. Farm-to-face is ever as brilliant as farm-to-table but a horse of a different color. 

What does it look like?…

Farm-to-face looks like growing your own ingredients directly on private farms, each wildcrafted or organic. Harvesting each botanical with extreme care and processing it in the most gentle way possible only by cold pressing and steam extraction. Painstakingly crafting and formulating each product until it's just right, all while paying attention to the science behind each botanical ensuring research driven results. Plus, packaging in Eco conscious glass containers and never testing on animals. Every product is free of preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind. Doesn't it all sound just too good to be true? Well, it's not.

That's farm-to-face and that's Bottega Organica....the perfect embodiment of the Green Beauty movement.

Bottega Organica the best luxury green beauty brand

A Deeper Look Into Bottega Organica

Founded by Dr. Andrea Alimonti, Bottega Organica is formulated around research regarding Prawn Sage (salvia haenkei), a rare type of sage bush that Dr. Alimonti discovered to act powerfully against aging.

This discovery was so paramount that he received the Dr. Josef Steiner Research Award in 2015 for his work.

Dr. A found that prawn sage is the most active “Natural Inhibitor of Senescence”, which means it slows down cellular aging or prolongs the life of cells better than any other botanical he tested. Every product in their line contains prawn sage, as well as a blend of multiple other vivacious herbals. Each formulated to be rich in anti-aging activity.

Bottega owns and operates two farms from which they harvest their ingredients, one in Liguria, Italy and the other in upstate Chatham, New York. Many of their products incorporate their own Ligurian olive oil hand harvested in Italy as well. Besides prawn sage other herbs and botanicals that grow wildly on those farms are wild carrots, coneflower, french lilac, rosemary, and chamomile. 

And it's on the farm in New York that each product is developed and formulated by Mary Ahern.  Delicately she cares for the farm, gathers the herbals, and processes them. You can see from the photos below the two farms and some of the methods used in producing Bottega Organica. 

Bottega Organica has a showroom in Hudson, NY that is open for visit by appointment....which I someday hope to see. But for now I am throughly satisfied with the USPS delivering fresh farm-to-face products to my door.


Bottega Organica Ageless Mist Review

Ageless Mist

A reinvigorating toner, Ageless Mist, contains two types of sage, spring water, lilac, rosemary, lemon balm, grape and olive leaf extracts. The clear light liquid has a herbaceous sagey scent that fades quickly and is grounding.

I apply it after every cleanse and during the day for a quick reset. It hydrates, closes pores, and supplies the skin with the wonderful anti-aging nutrients of prawn sage and antioxidants of the other herbals. Great for any skin type and available here

Bottega Organica Extra nourishing face formula review

Extra-Nourishing Face Formula

A hybrid of sorts, this hydrator is a cross between a serum, cream, and oil. With a semiopaque goldenrod color and intoxicating warm vanilla scent Bottega Organica’s Face Formula begs to be used. It glides like a serum with the weight of a dense oil and moisture level of a cream. All of its ingredients offer nourishment to the skin by supplying antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and protecting properties. With vanilla planifolia, olive oil, beeswax, wild carrots, apricots, mallow, and of course prawn sage. 

As the name suggests it's ULTRA nourishing, providing intense hydration for an entire 12 hours. On first use I applied too much (a full pump) and found that it took hours to absorb. However, once I used only a half pump for my entire face I was pleased with the quickness it absorbed, and also the way it left a dewy glow to my skin, even after 12 hours. 

My preference is to use the Face Formula only at night, unless it’s a very dry cold day, otherwise it’s too much for my normal skin type.  I love the way my skin looks the morning after I application...dewy, even, and fresh. Also, on those mornings I don’t shower I find the Formula supplies its benefits well into the next day. I’ll just use the Ageless Mist on top and I am ready to go...no other serums or hydrators needed. It can be purchased here.

Bottega Organica Ultra Concentrated face serum review

Ultra Concentrated Face Serum

amazingly nourishing bottega organica review

A powerhouse of prawn sage, lilac, and common sage the Ultra Concentrated Face Serum is a fabulous way to get Bottega Organica's star anti-aging ingredient into your skincare routine. Made from the flowers of the prawn sage and lilac at peak of life these botanical are formulated to replenish at a deep cellular level

With just six ingredients the formula is transparent dark brown with a water like consistency but tacky upon application. It is only to be used at night, probably because the tackiness wouldn't blend well with makeup. Plus night is the best time for the skin to really absorb nutrients. By morning all tackiness is gone and my skin is evenly balanced

While I don't notice an immediate difference in fine lines I know that after continued use there will be because I trust in the research. The long term benefits of prawn sage are what this herb is about. If you trust the research, then you can trust that Ultra Concentrated Serum will benefit you in more ways in one. Find it here. 

Bottega Organica Eye Contour serum review

Eye Contour Serum

With cucumber and horse chestnut this serum is designed to soothe and provide eye contour restoration. Plus prawn sage supplies the gentle eye are with cellular revival. I love that it is a light watery consistency and absorbs quickly, unlike many eye treatments that can stay unabsorbed for hours. Bottega Organica’s Eye Contour Serum is dark brown and transparent with a neutral earthy scent. It’s very gentle on the eyes and doesn't sting or burn in the least, my sensitive eyes always feel soothed and nourished.

A little goes far with this product, one drop shared between both eyes is the perfect amount. Because so little is needed this bottle will last for quite some time. Since using this regularly my eye area has felt smoother and calmed. Plus on the periphery of my eyes I have light brown sunspots that have faded some. I haven't noticed any difference in puffiness or dark circles.

Bottega Organica Eye contour Serum Review

One thing that definitely begs mentioning is the price for these luxury farm-to-face products. As with any truly organic skincare line prices are higher than their conventional counterparts. Sarita Coren, has a beautifully written article on the subject here. And, while the $50-200 price tag on these individual products is expensive for many of us we all need to weight the pros and cons to decide which price point is right for us. Perhaps, a combo of DIY beauty and a few carefully selected farm-to-face pieces to supplement where DIY beauty cannot reach. If luxury skincare is within your means you cannot go wrong with Bottega Organica for both short term results and long term benefits.

Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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