Fresh Out Of The Apothecary: Bottega Organica Sets Trends Again

Trendsetter - a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas.

You know when you come across a product that breaks boundaries…like the iPhone or Wet Brush…it’s really refreshing right? F-i-n-a-l-l-y, someone has come up with something new in a world of copies and repeats. F-i-n-a-l-l-y someone willing to break the mold and change the way things have always been done. I’ve always loved a trendsetter, so naturally when I came across Bottega Organica I was stuck like glue. And not just Elmer’s School Glue, but more like Gorilla Glue that really strong crap you buy at Lowe’s. You can read in my first post on Bottega that they essentially coined the term farm-to-face and their unique practices have brought a refreshing blast of air to the sometimes monotonous green beauty industry. 

Knowing this it came at no surprise to me that their newly launched product is nothing but trendsetting. Bottega Organica mixes up a delicious blend of lemon and sea salt to round out their skincare line, bringing a much welcomed Face Scrub to the brand. The scrub is like no other product I’ve tried and changes the way I will see scrubs forever.

Rejuvinating Face Scrub Sea salt and lemon
A tart addition to their skin care line, Bottega Organica's new Rejuvinating Face Scrub cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates.

Mediterranean sea salt crystals disburse throughout this opaque pale yellow lemony goodness to gently exfoliate, yielding an even complexion. Olive oil from their very own organic Italian farm is added to shea butter and beeswax to deeply hydrate and protect. Along with astringent and anti-inflammatory lemon and thyme extracts to really dig deep into those pores the lift away grime. These all merry with a hefty dose of apricot and carrot extracts for anti-aging and nourishment along with the star research supported anti-aging powerhouse, prawn sage. There's no other product on the market like Bottega Organica Rejuvinating Face Scrub green beauties... it is luscious and luxurious

Bottega Organica Sea Salt and Lemon Face Scrub Review

Oh' How Unique You Are

This sea salt and lemon scrub is quite unique in multiple ways. First off, the texture is lighter than expected with a medium density and AMAZING slip on the skin. The olive oil provides a heaviness to the blend that makes it feel silky when applying. 

Secondly, the exfoliating action comes from sea salt which is coarse at first but with the warmth of the skin it dissipates in size as you continue to scrub, allowing the texture to change throughout the exfoliation process.  By the end of a few minutes, this scrub is no longer a scrub, instead it's melded into a lovely thick balmy oil cleanse. So, you really get two in one here….genius!

Bottega Organica Face Scrub

Find The Ritual

A refresing face scrub from Bottega Organica. Their Lemon and Sea Salt Scrub has me counting the days to exfoliation time.

When I use the Rejuvinating Face Scrub I find it most enjoyable to view it as a ritual. I start by warming a quarter sized amount between my palms and then scrubbing in gentle circular motions until the salt is dissolved, this takes about two minutes. I then use In Fiores facial massage method to deeply cleanse the skin with the oils, which I do for another two minutes. This entire time I deeply inhale and exhale to devour the sweet lemon aroma the scrub imparts. This alone, boosts mood and mental clarity. I then splash my face multiple times with water to rinse what I can of the product away. Next, I pat dry with a clean muslin cloth and finish with my favorite treatment and serum, like this one and this one

I think it’s important to note the first time I used the Rejuvinating Face Scrub I was tempted to use a cleanser afterwards because when my skin was wet it felt like there was a lot of product left on it. You know it's that whole oil repels water thing.  However, I reserved myself from cleansing and after I dried my skin I was so pleased I didn't. The residue I had felt on my skin was drank up by the time I patted my skin dry. After, my skin was evened, smooth, and thoroughly hydrated. It had a baby soft feel immediately afterwards that lasted well into the next day. 

You can see now just how unique Bottega Organica's Rejuvinating Face Scrub is. From the way it transforms in texture as it melts into the skin to the 2-in-1 formula it's nothing short of trendsetting. The creamy lemon scent, multi-active ingredients, and way my skin feels after each use has me wishing I could exfoliate more than twice a week. Find it for sale, here, for $88 at Bottega's website. 

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