Change it up with an emollient based skincare line: Bella Aura

Tried of oil serums, cleansers, and moisturizers? I know to me, the oil game feels like it's on repeat. While oils are great, it's always refreshing to see a brand that changes it up...Bella Aura is doing just that.

Encompassing the whole green beauty movement, Bella Aura is ingredient conscience, science backed, and energetically balanced. Treating not just the skin but the entire being, truly holistic skincare. Featuring five products the brand is well polished and formulated for any skin type. A cleanser, eye serum, antioxidant treatment, and day and night moisturizers are all creamy ivory emollients rife with fresh blooming jasmine aroma. Never heavy, always balancing...Bella Aura is up there with the best of the best.


The Science

The health care practitioner in me can't help but get excited when a brand formulates using ingredients that are backed by clinical trials. With so many companies promising the world, to me the easy choice is to go with those who are actually proven to help the skin. Bella Aura is sure to do just that.

Each product features an ingredient that has been clinically tested to reduce lines, discoloration, puffiness, and/or increase hydration. For instance the eye serum (my fav of all the products) features Proteolea which is shown to reduce crows feet (up to 30%) after 28 days of use in a clinical trial. Psst...it did just that to me too, more on that below! The Night Cellular Renewal features Reforcyl shown to reduce wrinkle depth by 14% in 28 days.

 The whole line  

The whole line  

The Products

The entire Bella Aura line is wonderful, each and every product is nothing short of amazing. They ooze love and care and work just as promised. Not one of the products disappointed...not one. Here I'll go over my top two favs, although you can't go wrong with any of the line.

The Instant Lifting Eye Contour comes in at number one. It is results oriented, doesn't sting, run, cause makeup to smudge, and absorbs swiftly. Plus it's light texture leaves a prefect canvas for makeup and feels as if you're wearing nothing at all. It is my favorite eye serum and in my top two favorites of all eye treatments, Skin Owls Gel being the other contender.

Let's not forget the RESULTS! After six weeks of once or twice a day use the minor fine lines I have started to develop over the last year...probably having something to do with me turning 30...have filled in. They are not completely gone, but truly they are GREATLY diminished. Just as the clinical trials promised. Coupled with the other amazing qualities, the Bella Aura Instant Lifting Eye Contour exceeds my expectations, A+ for sure!


My next favorite product is the Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster. A 7 in 1 emollient this treatment brightens and revives skin. The Booster contains research backed Radicare, which is a combination of romarinic acid from lemon balm, rutin, and barley extract. These active ingredients form a powerful antioxidant combo that acts as a free radical scavenger...one of our skin's worst enemies.

The Booster is creamy and light, feeling like nothing at all after it's applied. I use it twice daily and have noticed an evening of my skin tone. The formula also helps boost our collagen and repairs its natural protective barrier. I use this treatment as a preventative product and am confident the science behind it will help keep my skin at its best.

The three other products in the line are just as amazing, and I urge you to also give them a try (find the entire line here). Whether looking for an entire new line or a few additional products Bella Aura would definitely a top choice of mine.

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