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This video pretty much sums up why I care so much about clean beauty. 

As you can see as women we apply an amazing deal of beauty products on our faces and bodies. Over a life time the total weight of products adds up to mountains high. When these products are filled with chemicals and ingredients never throughly tested for safety short and long term use becomes a real health hazard. This is why you see a portion of my blog dedicated to green beauty and the options it provides-it's that important to our health!

Thankfully, over the years green beauty has become more popular and new brands now emerge daily. While this is wonderful because it give us options it also is a double edged sword because many brands masquerade as clean and safe when they really aren't. Also, because of the amazing amount of brands out there some outperform others in many aspects. Here at Clean’s the New Black I try to introduce you to green beauty brands that encompass what green beauty really means. Not only must they be 100% safe to use the products also must be effective, results oriented, environmentally conscious, and altruistic. 

This is where Beauty Heroes comes in...cue the lights. Beauty Heroes is a unique subscription box that embraces clean beauty at its finest  — hang on with me here a minute I know your thinking just another ordinary subscription box these are everywhere — but I promise you if you keep reading I will show you that Beauty Heroes is anything but ordinary. 

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What's so unordinary?  

Beauty Heroes chooses to focus each month on ONE brand, so the items are very carefully selected by their founder and spa guru, Jeannie Jarnot. Each box contains two products, the main "hero" product is always full size and the Hero's "sidekick" is either travel or full sized but always enough to really get a feel for it - no itty bitty three day samples here-they are always the real mccoy that you could purchase at the brands store front.  

Receiving full sized products is important to me for three reasons. One, you get to see how your skin adjusts to the product in the long term, not just a few short days. Two, it’s easier on your wallet because you don’t have to turn around and buy a full sized product…until well, you are out of the full sized product and that can take months. Three, there’s less waste, honestly you know that 50% of those multi sample boxes end up going to waste because they don’t suit your skin or needs. 

Another plus is that with just two products your mind and skin won't get overworked with trying new items out every few days, which can often lead to breakouts or irritations. Receiving full sized products is a major reason I decided to join the team of Beauty Heroes brand ambassadors. Letting our bodies really adjust is paramount to maintaining true health. To me you just can't do this with a sample size that lasts a few days. 

They educate us 

This my friends was the clencher for me as I know how important understanding the products we put on our skin is. What Beauty Heroes does is gives its subscribers an amazing pocket guide that has 20 "villains" or toxic ingredients we never what to have in our skincare. This can easily be used to detox your beauty cabinet by simply tossing all the items you have that contains any villains. In fact they have a handy little article on how to detox your beauty cabinet right here. You’re also safe knowing none of the products in your box will ever contain the villains. Instead they only contain “superpower” or health improving and skin loving ingredients approved by ecocert. 

Beauty Heroes listens to your requests 

Do you need all vegan skincare? Or perhaps you're allergic to coconut oil? Or perhaps you like your current hair routine and don't want any haircare products.  No problem. When you subscribe you’ll get a chance to tell them any special requests like those above. Then each month a few days before your subscription renews you will get an email alerting you this box contains something you requested to avoid. You will then get the chance to skip that months box before being charged. 

They save us money

The subscription is $39 a month, with additional savings if a 3-6-or 12 month subscription is purchased.  Each box is valued over $69, but usually more. This months box has a value of $88.  So, you're automatically saving $49 up front.

But there’s two more ways to save: If you use my code, CTNB, at checkout you get $10 off your first month…which would bring that savings to about 67% for this month, almost too hard to pass up. Plus, as a member you save 15% off any products that need replenishing through the Beauty Heroes Store 24/7.

Beauty Heroes is a box I would choose time and time again to subscribe to. I would pay for it with my own money and I would give it as a gift. It's a great way for anyone interested in clean beauty to get exposure to some amazing luxury products for a fraction of the cost. Beauty Heroes is not only safe but healthy.  

Check back with me monthly

As an ambassador each month you can check on the blog around the 1st to see what I think of the coming months box. If you already subscribed you should be getting yours around that time. If you haven't and really like what you read you have until the 15th of the month to subscribe to receive that months products. And don't forget you will get $10 off your first order with the code CTNB. So for $29 you get two amazing beauty products that I promise will woo you into clean beauty heaven. 

In Fiore Treate and Lustra Review and coupon code

Ready to Dive In? This months box…In Fiore

An exquisite ritual awaits those who try out Octobers box. In Fiore founded in 1999 in San Fran creates small batch products from organic and wild crafted luxury ingredients. Their line contains perfumes, skin, and body treatments. Each as opulent as the last, In Fiore, has become an iconic figure in high end green beauty. I feel honored to try such an amazing line for $39…it is one amazing buy. 

In Fiore Treate Review

Treate Gentle Cleansing Emulsion & Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence

Normally I would talk about the hero and sidekick separately, but these two are coupled together at the hip. Almost like siamese twins, I cannot separate them…from start to finish they just belong together. The “hero," or full sized product is Treate, a gentle milky white cleanser packed with nine herbal extracts, aloe, and safflower oil it’s suitable for all skin types.

Treate's scent is of a mild jasmine cream and the formula gently slips and glides on your skin. Treate is pH balancing and ultra nourishing. It’s in no way harsh and in every way calming this creamy lightweight cleanser detoxifies impurities in a unique way. 

In Fiore Lustra Review

The “sidekick” is a travel sized Lustra. Another cleanser suitable for all skin types as it balances the moistures levels deep within the skin allowing the top layers to manage themselves like they are designed to. This formula is a stark opposite to creamy Treate, it’s light golden yellow, transparent, and oil based. Also scented with Jasmine flower, but much heavier and more intoxicating — almost fruity and definitely aromatic. Essentially an oil cleansing method, Lustra is an amazing lightweight oil that dissolves toxins, dirt, and debris right off the skin. It removes makeup, decongests, and hydrates. 

But wait, why two cleansers? I don’t need two cleansers!

— my words exactly until about 4 minutes into the cleansing experience with which I promptly started to wonder how I had ever lived without this luxurious combo before. The duo of the two cleansers combined synergistically with In Fiore's recommended 424 cleansing ritual is just…unexplainable. Yeah, I am actually at a loss of words ladies, it is just something I think every woman would love. 

4-2-4 is a Japanese facial cleansing ritual that promotes firmed, decongested, and alive skin. The numbers represent minutes, four-minute face oil massage starting with Lustra, followed by a two-minute cleansing massage with Treate, and a 4 minute complete rinse with warm water (2 min) and then cold (2 min). The massage has specific instructions that can be found accompanying your Beauty Hero’s box. 

Beauty Heroes coupon code and review

So you see now how Lustra and Treate go hand in hand. Lustra is used first, and then Treate applied on top. Both massaged gently into our lipid loving skin to rejuvenate, cleanse, detox, and beautify. The In Fiore cleansing experience would not be complete without the both of them. I never thought I would say that I actually look forward to cleansing my face every night since I have started using 424 & In Fiore’s products. It’s relaxing, skin-fortifying, and addicting. 

Since enjoying this ritual for the past week I have had supple and revived skin. No areas of congestion or blemishes, my t-zone is balanced and my skin feels revitalized. Truthfully, I have never been a fan of oil cleansing, until now. It always caused me to breakout or look like an oil slick, not with In Fiore. Lustra and Treate are everything oil cleansing should be and nothing it shouldn’t.

Come join the ritual for just $29 by using the code CTNB at checkout. 

Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary or other types of compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. However, I always give my honest opinion and findings of the products and would not recommend anything that I do not use for myself or family. All of the products recommended will adhere to the Standards of Clean, listed here.

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