The Heart Of Beauty Lies Within a 5000 Year Old Secret

Uma Ultimate Brightening Facial Oil Review

Ayurvedic medicine is an age old holistic way of treating disease and ailments. It dates to more than 5000 years ago sourcing from India and is based on life forces or doshas. Similar to most holistic forms of medicine, they understand the body is energy and a robust state of health is achieved when this energy is in perfect alignment, flowing freely and easily throughout the body. I personally have had great success with very basic Ayurveda in helping treat my adult acne many years ago and still incorporate it into my health regime. 

When I think of Indian women one hallmark characteristic is their smooth and supple skin. Often with a buttery consistency and little signs of aging, it glows and radiates reflecting that delicate internal energy balance. While achieving skin like that starts from within (and is in some portion genetic) Ayurvedic skincare has many tips and tricks that can help any skin type achieve radiating beauty. A brand that lends a hand in this complex task is Uma, an organic Ayurvedic luxury skin and body care oil line.  

Uma oils are sumptuous 100% organic farm-to-face serums with straightforward ingredients that offer the power behind essential oils and Ayurveda. Their line has both Facial Oils and Wellness Oils, each targeted for different skincare and energetic needs. To make these oils Uma has a staff of top-notch Ayurvedic practitioners and aromatherapists whom blend powerful oils that, “enhance your natural outer radiance and restore your innate balance, delivering complete wellbeing." I love the simplicity behind Uma, with just five oils in each of the Face and Wellness categories they make it easy to keep wellness routines to a minimum without sacrificing results.

The beauty behind Uma is that they grow their entire line of ingredients on their own organic farm in India. There they also process and formulate each luxury oil. Every ingredient is organic, including the essential oils, and never contains preservatives, synthetics, or fragrances.

Each product has just two basic components, a carrier oil (either jojoba, pomegranate, or grape seed) and a blend of essential oils…that’s it! To ensure the oils are as active as possible Uma is heavy handed with the essential oils and light on the carrier, creating potent products that act internally as well as externally to allow our beauty to illuminate from within. Which, after all is the heart of Ayurveda and green beauty, don’t you think? 

Uma Ultimate Brightening Facial Oil Review

Ultimate Brightening Facial Oil

Uma’s Ultimate Brightening Facial Oil is a wonderfully light formula. It can be used day or night and is designed to reboot cellular growth and decrease signs of fatigue. Essential oils of orange, neroli, sandalwood, ylang ylang, clary sage, geranium, lavender, frankincense and rose are blended in a pomegranate oil base. 

The oil is golden in color and light in weight. The scent is a heady floral that enraptures my senses and leaves me yearning for the next application. Just two tiny drops is all that’s necessary. The drops are applied to the palm, warmed between the hands and then patted and pressed into the skin. Here is their video on “How to Use”. 

The brightening oil absorbs within minutes leaving the skin with a nice faint dewy glow. With continued use my skin is feeling balanced, hydrated, and illuminated. This oil could easily be a one bottle wonder to simplify your skincare routine by replacing all serums, oils, and moisturizers. Plus, with the 1 oz size it will last for months allowing you to buy less and save more. Purchase Uma’s Ultimate Brightening Facial Oil here or look into the other 4 Face Oils here

Premade essential oil blends

Wellness Oils

I received two sample sized wellness oils from Uma, both of which I am in just as much love with as the Face Oil. Each of these oils can be used as any other essential oil would be. Diffused around your home, placed on the wrists, behind the ears, temples, or soles of feet. Plus, they can be rubbed on the ends of your hair for a subtle aroma that releases with each toss of the hair or added to bath water for a calming spa at home. 

Pure Bliss Wellness Oil

I am wearing Pure Bliss as I write this post and it evens my mood and stabilizes my thought flow. Seven organic essential oils are packed into a jojoba oil base. Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Lemon, Lavender, and Clary Sage blend to yield an earthy, slightly peppery, and smooth floral aroma. Its warming notes are blended to improve the mood, self confidence, and positivity.

A light goldenrod transparent oil it uplifts me and calms tense nerves. I find my negative moods are melted away with the first scent of this decedent essential oil blend. It truly lives up to its claims of centering, balancing, and imparting bliss, even in stressful times. Uma’s Pure Bliss is a heaven send and a welcomed burst of pleasure on any day. Find it for purchase here at Uma’s shop. 

Gorgeous For Good Wellness Oil

An oil fit for a queen, this inner beauty illuminating blend grounds, energizes, and keeps me feeling elegant. The scent is delicately herbal, spiced, and silky. It lingers for multiple hours and as the skin heats up the aroma is released in bursts to boost confidence and ground the soul. 

Sandalwood, Rose, Frankincense, Neroli, Jasmine, Basil, Chamomile, Ginger, Peppermint, and Rosemary are combined into a pomegranate oil base. These essential oils are known to increase mood, energize the mind, ground, and reduce stress and fear. My favorite way to apply it is behind my ears, the oils absorb into the blood stream well here and the scent easily travels to the nose. I have also experimented with using it as a beauty oil, which my face thanks me for each morning by being more radiant and toned. It may be purchased here.

Uma’s oils are a great way to bring Ayurveda and essential oils into your life. They also help to simplify your beauty and wellness routine by replacing multiple items for one or two skillfully crafted organic oils. I love that they offer trial kits for both the Wellness and Face oils that contain 3 ml bottles (like the ones shown above) of every oil in their line. They are $40 and $50 respectively and are an outstanding way to see which oils fit best into your routine. 

In goodwill and warmth


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