Custom Latte? Try Custom Skincare!

It's not often in life we can purchase a completely customized product, let alone for a reasonable price...and definitely rarely in skincare. So when I was introduced to Activist Skincare my heart skipped a beat to their contemporary idea of customizable skincare.


Activist has a fresh concept of single batch skincare individualized to each customer. Yes, seriously…every product ordered is made exclusively for that customer after the order is placed! Hand made with high standards they are sure to be vegan, palm free, and void of any nasty toxic chemicals. Luxurious oils and fresh potent actives, their formulas are top quality and results driven. Plus, packaged in glass amber bottles the ingredients are protected from light, keeping them potent for much longer.

Activist’s founder, Allison, saw this gap in the skincare market when trying to find effective formulas for her own problematic skin. She really hit her mark here, as Activist Skincare is redesigning the wheel, blowing a fresh gust of air into the sometimes monotonous beauty industry.


Their Duo of products are customized to your individual skins needs by simply answering a series of questions regarding your skins condition and concerns during the ordering process. Its quick yet innovative and something I've yet to find elsewhere in the green beauty scene. Your answers allow for Activist to choose the correct actives to place in the oil or emulsion base.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

One of the two products Activist offers is a Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Skin plumping hyaluronic acid is the bees knees of fine line reducers. It hydrates the cells to reduce fine lines via plumping the skin. The serum also contains peptides and antioxidants, plus the custom add-ins. A perfect choice for any of us concerned with aging.

The customizable options are vitamin c, DMAE, AHA blend, lotus, licorice, B3, acai, zinc, green tea, and/or aloe. These add ins are chosen by the cosmetic chemist according to your test answers. In my formula they added vitamin c, b3, licorice, and aha. This boasts brightening, aging prevention, anti-acne effects.

The formula is light weight, water based, translucent white with minimal scent. I prefer it in the pm as it occasionally does funny things when mixed with my foundation and it can leave the skin slightly tacky. However, I notice a big difference in my skins moisture levels the next am and overall it appears more bright and less congested.

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is available here for $89.


The Precious Oils Serum

Activist Skincare’s Precious Oils Serum is the second Duo product. It's again completely customized to your skins needs. With add-in options of alpha lipoic acid, antioxidant booster, AHA blend, tea tree, prickly pear seed, and CoQ10. The skin is delivered actives in a nourishing oil base.

Mine has a combo of antioxidants, bisabolol, and CoQ10 for antibacterial,  calming, and acne preventing. The oil base is customizable too and mine is argan, pomegranate, and safflower. My oil is medium weight, making it best for nights only. It absorbs on the slower end of the spectrum but by the am my skin is non-greasy, evened, and smooth.

I've not had any new blemishes pop up since using the Duo and attribute that to their generous customizable formula. I have learned to avoid any ingredient over a 2 on the comeodegenic scale or my skin reacts wildly. When I told the ladies at Activist Skincare this they were swift to offer two oil base options to which I choose one of. Such a great way to get EXACTLY what your skin needs and what you want in your ingredients.

Find Precious Oils here for $109 or save $30 by purchasing the Duo here.

Curious to try the Duo out for yourself? Head over to my Instagram page now for a giveaway! One  lucky winner will get her own customized formulation of the Duo, a $169 value! Good luck!

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