Still using conventional body cleanser? Look no further than these four great options! Something for every preference and household. 

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Problem Skin? Don't Go Another Day Without These

Problem Skin? Don't Go Another Day Without These

Lightweight serums? Yes please! Looking for non-oil light as air moisture options? Look no further than Earthwise Beauty, plus at 15% off coupon code. 

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Custom Latte? Try Custom Skincare!

Custom Latte? Try Custom Skincare!

Get your skincare customized like a Queen, with Activist Skincare.

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MAHALO: Huge savings on the brand and a limited edition release

MAHALO: Huge savings on the brand and a limited edition release

Discover one of my all time favorite brands, Mahalo. See my suggested routine for each skin type and personal favs. 

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Mens Safe Grooming Options

It's time talk men and green skincare options. Because the men in our lives need safe skin and body care options too!

Who else has noticed an increase in men's products over the last year?

Driven by women's needs, the green beauty movement is finally catching on that men want and need safe options for their personal care also. From shaving cream to hair products men do use beauty products…so why not give them the luxury and safety of organic non-toxic options?

Today I've gathered and tested some of the best of the best in the men's green grooming realm. Here are my favorites...well should I say my testers favorites because I neither shave my face or require a pomade to slick back my hair.

Let's talk beards

Our bearded friends will be delighted to check out Arcadian Official's beard care products. The beard balm and oil are the two products my testers have tried and they love both!

All of Arcadian grooming products are handmade in Knoxville with love and attention to detail. Fragranced with essential oils and tested by many, Arcadian Official lives up to its 5 star customer reviews.


Arcadian Beard Oil

The oil is a lightweight moisturizing oil to prevent itching, dryness, and also moisturize the skin. Great for beards of all lengths, mustaches, and itchiness from stubble growth it easily finds a home in any mans medicine cabinet.

Arcadian Beard Oil is quick absorbing and lasts all day. Made with oils of jojoba, argan, grapeseed, castor, and apricot it gives an ultra soft touch to longer beards.  The scent we tried is Appalachian, and the herbal, woody, and masculine smell is inviting. Find it here, available in 3 fragrances for $13.

Arcadian Beard Balm

While the Arcadian Bread Balm (pictured as the open container above) moisturizes too, it is for our longer bearded friends who desire some light styling aid. Non-flakey and no white residue, this Beard Balm meets all the requirements of a good balm.

Its texture is medium density and easily melts between the palms, it provides an extra light hold that's pliable throughout the day. Basically taming unruliness while hydrating. The oils and waxes soften and condition the hair, allowing it to forgo daily washes (which I'm told is best for the beard).

It's time to conquer that rough unfriendly beard by keeping it hydrated, supple, and touchable with Arcadian Bread Products. Find the balm here, available for $13 in the same three scents as the oil. Or bundle the two and save $6!

Psst…ladies I use both these products on my hair too! The balm is great at defining and controlling frizz when I wear my hair naturally wavy. And the oil is my go to for blowouts to tame flyaways and give shine. Just don't tell my bf 🤐

Moving on to our non-bearded friends let's talk green shaving.

Shaving Options


LongRifle Shave Soaps

Wow! These soaps though🙌🏼

I didn't know shaving could be so luxurious. Coupled with the EvanPDesigns shave brush (more on that below) the foam of the Long Rifle shave soaps are out of this world!

I had no idea a foam of this caliper was achievable in a non-toxic, chemical free green option. Typically found in you conventional shaving isle, the airy and bouncy foam of Long Rifle leaves a lovely barrier between the razor and skin. Preventing irritation, cuts, and razor burn all whilst moisturizing. This shave soap means serious business.

Long Rifle soaps are sold in 3oz pucks or 6 oz filled containers (like photoed). They do have multiple scent options but, make sure to stick with the 3 that contain ONLY essential oils for fragrance. Some do use fragrance oils, which we at CTNB we don't fancy because of their chemical composition and potential toxicity.

The 3 scents that are solely essential oils are: Hawkeye, Leatherstocking, and Cedarwood & Lavender. All three are great choices, I fancy the Cedarwood & Lavender while my man tester likes the deep wooded Leatherstocking scent.

What gives the soap such amazing lather? Tallow, but not just any tallow. Locally sourced grass fed tallow for the cleanest most moisturizing foam around. Blended with shea butter, babassu oil, aloe, and coconut oil the formula is wonderful at hydrating. It imparts moisture even after it's rinsed and of course the slip it creates for the razor makes for a very smooth shave.

Find the soaps here for purchase starting at $10 for the pucks. And btw these soaps last a long while, it seems as if we've barely dented our 6oz container after frequent use. 

 LOOK 👀 at that lather! 

LOOK 👀 at that lather! 

EvanPDesigns Shaving Brushes

Hand carved in Portland, OR the EvanPDesigns shaving brushes are top quality and absolutely necessary to make that Long Rifle soap foam. Available in a variety of exotic hardwoods and handle shapes and all with high quality badger bristles EvanPDesigns spares no expense at making a quality artisanal product.

The brush photoed is made of African Blackwood, a rich dark chocolate hardwood. The handle is smooth and light in the hand. It's polished to a medium shine and I can tell it will last for years to come.

To use with any shaving soap you wet the bristles throughly and swirl in the soap vigorously to create magical foam. The swirling does take a good minute to get the right consistency, and sometimes more water is necessary. It takes a bit of trial and error the first few times, but once you get the right water to soap to swirl ratio every time produces amazing lather and a smooth shaving experience.

Bringing back the traditional shaving experience EvanPDesigns and Longrifle keep our mans shaving routine safe yet effective. Which brings me to wonder why the experience of a barber shave when out of style? Any guesses? 

Get your completely customizable brush here, starting at $65.

O'Douds Aftershave

For our non-bearded friends the winner in the ever important aftershave category is O'Douds Aftershave. Medium weight, easy pump formula, minty, and refreshing it's a win in every category. Blended with skin soothing aloe, menthol, and witch hazel (and alcohol free!) this razor bump fighter is great at keeping skin calm postshave.

The formula hydrates with butters and oils and also protects. However, it's light and quickly absorbs, leaving a matte finish to the skin. The essential oils in O'Douds Aftershave are antibacterial, which prevent ingrown hairs, plus the astringent properties of witch hazel closes pores.

My tester loves its menthol smell and cooling feeling to the skin. The formula absorbs rapidly and really helps to reduce razor redness and ingrown hairs. It's even strong enough on the bikini line. Find O’Douds Aftershave here for $18.

Way of Will 02 Deodorant

I've written a lot about healthy deodorant options in the past. And there's many these days that preform amazingly. However, most have rather feminine scents, so I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to the deodorant my bf uses. Way of Will 02 Tea Tree & Pumpkin Seed Deodorant.

Made with 100% non-toxic ingredients (more on why it's SUPER important that deodorant be non-toxic in this post) and working ALL day to keep smell at bay this is my choice for men's BO control. The Spearmint + Peppermint scent is very minty, matter a fact I can smell it for hours after application. The deodorant sells for $17.50 and you can find it here.


O'Douds Multi-Purpose Pomade

Wow! This is THE STUFF! Most definitely an amazing pomade and to my guinea pigs surprise (not mine) O’Douds Multi-Purpose Pomade works even better than the conventional stuff.

A thick opaque paste, this water based pomade gives a firm but flexible hold and semi-matte finish. The product allows for hair to be restyled as needed and never flakes.

An added bonus is it moisturizes the scalp to keep it healthy and hair strong. The scent is clean and minimal, fading quickly. The product will last until washed out, and keeps working for days even if hair's gotten wet without cleanser.

This is the ONLY pomade of choice in the CTNB house and will forever be a staple in my mans cabinet. Find is here for $18 and be sure to grab one of their unbreakable combs to really get the job done right.

Looking for another finish of pomade? Check out the variety of other options O’Douds offers here.


Georgia May Simple Man

Men often overlook moisturizing their facial skin...at least mine does. I literally have to do it for him sometimes when his skin is begging for some hydration (I know🤓).

Our choice for a nice dose of facial hydration would be Georgia May Simple Man Serum. While it is both a beard and facial oil, we only tried it as a facial hydrator. The oils is lightweight, rapidly absorbing, and smells of light wintergreen.

Formulated with argan, avocado, kukui, carrot seed, macadamia, and meadowfoam oils (to name just a few) Georgia May Simple Man prevents aging, soothes skin, hydrates, and calms. Plus the blend of essential oils prevents aging, tones, and keeps pores fresh. Find it here starting at $36.

That's a wrap...from shaving to beards to hair there's something for every man in this green man roundup. Anything I missed? I'd love to help you find a winner in a category I didn't cover. 

xx, 💕Jena 

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3 Reasons to start using seasonal skincare

We change our diets, clothing, home decor, and daily routines with the change of the seasons. But what about or skincare?

While it was something I had always done intuitively I'd never really sat down to think about it until I was introduced to 5YINA.

The brand is a holistic seasonal skincare line based in the art of Chinese medicine. Meticulously crafted each ingredient is sourced with care and the formulas embrace our skins changes with the seasons.

5YINA's formulas are one of a kind and blended by holistic gurus to coax the best out of our skin with each season. Featuring two products (a serum and hydrolat) for each individual season and one all seasons mask, 5YINA, brings innovation to green beauty. Their line is of course is 100% non-toxic, they even go beyond organic sourcing wildcrafted, medicinal, and biodynamic botanicals. They hold to bars when it comes to ingredients and formulation, meaning on the best and safest for our skin.

But back to why we should be using seasonal skincare.


Simply, it allows our best skin to show through. 

With the seasonal changes comes cellular changes to our skin. The winter brings dehydrated flaky and lackluster skin. Related to the dry air and the drying of the cells our skin, more than ever, requires deep hydration. Flip to the summer and while the air can be dry in some regions it is much different than the winter dryness, right? Often overexposed to the elements (sun, water, wind) yet still supple and soft from the active sebaceous glands the summer skin requires barrier protection and gentle hydration. Nothing too over oily or heavy.

When we feed the skin according to the seasonal requirements it allows for it to remain stable during all seasons. Balance is achieved and radiant skin glows.


Recommended by the American Academy of Dermatologists

Skin doctors unite on this one topic, skincare should change with the seasons. From spf in the sunny months, to concentrated moisturizers on the winter they agree to present your best skin, products should be rotated according to the weather.

Prevents breakouts and accelerated aging

Changes in wind, sun, moisture, and temperature brings our skin through some major transitional periods. Twice a year (spring and fall) we live in transitional seasons which triggers our skins worst evils. Prone to breakouts? They often rear their heads in spring and fall. Concerned about fine lines? Same goes for spring and fall as skin can be over worked from summer sun or under hydrated from dry chafing winter.

By keeping skincare seasonal we can predict the next seasons requirements and prevent the nasties from happening. By taking appropriate care of our skin each season it allows for the next season to be its best. Preventing environmentally stressed skin issues and allowing for our Glow to shine through.


5YINA Steps In

5YINA allows us to keep up with the changes and choose a new oil and hydrolat each of the four seasons. They also tell me that some clients prefer rotating just twice a year. So winter/summer or spring/fall. I have tried all the Beauty Oils, but the fall, and they are equally expertly formulated and rich with unique botanicals.

I used the Winter Quiescent Beauty Oil for 2.5 months during the winter and noticed amazing changes in the skin. At the time I started using the oil my skin was irritated with the dry winter, breaking out waaayyy too much, and overall in shambles. After one week of twice daily use (along with the Enlighten Hydrolat) my skin was headed down the right path again, reduced irritation and blemishes plus fine lines from overdryness diminished. After two months of (almost) exclusive use the products still sing! I feel like a conquered winter skin dryness amazingly, and it's all thanks to 5YINA.

Their Summer collection, Lucent, would be the choice for this coming season. Featuring ginseng, green tea, lotus flowers and other normalizing ingredients this duo keeps skin fresh and clarified while restores luminance. Then head into their fall and spring collections each quarter to keep year around radiant skin.

5YINA definitely converted me, as I'm committed to seasonal from here on out. Who's with me? What are your experiences with seasonal skin care?



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Irritable skin? I've got the makeup brand for you!

Omiana offers an extensive line of makeup free of skin irritants. From foundation to concealer to lipstick I am loving everything about their product choices.

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Change it up with an emollient based skincare line: Bella Aura

Tried of oil serums, cleansers, and moisturizers? I know to me, the oil game feels like it's on repeat. While oils are great, it's always refreshing to see a brand that changes it up...Bella Aura is doing just that.

Encompassing the whole green beauty movement, Bella Aura is ingredient conscience, science backed, and energetically balanced. Treating not just the skin but the entire being, truly holistic skincare. Featuring five products the brand is well polished and formulated for any skin type. A cleanser, eye serum, antioxidant treatment, and day and night moisturizers are all creamy ivory emollients rife with fresh blooming jasmine aroma. Never heavy, always balancing...Bella Aura is up there with the best of the best.


The Science

The health care practitioner in me can't help but get excited when a brand formulates using ingredients that are backed by clinical trials. With so many companies promising the world, to me the easy choice is to go with those who are actually proven to help the skin. Bella Aura is sure to do just that.

Each product features an ingredient that has been clinically tested to reduce lines, discoloration, puffiness, and/or increase hydration. For instance the eye serum (my fav of all the products) features Proteolea which is shown to reduce crows feet (up to 30%) after 28 days of use in a clinical trial. Psst...it did just that to me too, more on that below! The Night Cellular Renewal features Reforcyl shown to reduce wrinkle depth by 14% in 28 days.

 The whole line  

The whole line  

The Products

The entire Bella Aura line is wonderful, each and every product is nothing short of amazing. They ooze love and care and work just as promised. Not one of the products disappointed...not one. Here I'll go over my top two favs, although you can't go wrong with any of the line.

The Instant Lifting Eye Contour comes in at number one. It is results oriented, doesn't sting, run, cause makeup to smudge, and absorbs swiftly. Plus it's light texture leaves a prefect canvas for makeup and feels as if you're wearing nothing at all. It is my favorite eye serum and in my top two favorites of all eye treatments, Skin Owls Gel being the other contender.

Let's not forget the RESULTS! After six weeks of once or twice a day use the minor fine lines I have started to develop over the last year...probably having something to do with me turning 30...have filled in. They are not completely gone, but truly they are GREATLY diminished. Just as the clinical trials promised. Coupled with the other amazing qualities, the Bella Aura Instant Lifting Eye Contour exceeds my expectations, A+ for sure!


My next favorite product is the Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster. A 7 in 1 emollient this treatment brightens and revives skin. The Booster contains research backed Radicare, which is a combination of romarinic acid from lemon balm, rutin, and barley extract. These active ingredients form a powerful antioxidant combo that acts as a free radical scavenger...one of our skin's worst enemies.

The Booster is creamy and light, feeling like nothing at all after it's applied. I use it twice daily and have noticed an evening of my skin tone. The formula also helps boost our collagen and repairs its natural protective barrier. I use this treatment as a preventative product and am confident the science behind it will help keep my skin at its best.

The three other products in the line are just as amazing, and I urge you to also give them a try (find the entire line here). Whether looking for an entire new line or a few additional products Bella Aura would definitely a top choice of mine.

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Brand Spotlight: Claré Blanc

Brand Spotlight: Claré Blanc

Introducing the European mineral makeup line, Claré Blanc. A feminine sext brand of well made makeup. 

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