3 Reasons to start using seasonal skincare

We change our diets, clothing, home decor, and daily routines with the change of the seasons. But what about or skincare?

While it was something I had always done intuitively I'd never really sat down to think about it until I was introduced to 5YINA.

The brand is a holistic seasonal skincare line based in the art of Chinese medicine. Meticulously crafted each ingredient is sourced with care and the formulas embrace our skins changes with the seasons.

5YINA's formulas are one of a kind and blended by holistic gurus to coax the best out of our skin with each season. Featuring two products (a serum and hydrolat) for each individual season and one all seasons mask, 5YINA, brings innovation to green beauty. Their line is of course is 100% non-toxic, they even go beyond organic sourcing wildcrafted, medicinal, and biodynamic botanicals. They hold to bars when it comes to ingredients and formulation, meaning on the best and safest for our skin.

But back to why we should be using seasonal skincare.


Simply, it allows our best skin to show through. 

With the seasonal changes comes cellular changes to our skin. The winter brings dehydrated flaky and lackluster skin. Related to the dry air and the drying of the cells our skin, more than ever, requires deep hydration. Flip to the summer and while the air can be dry in some regions it is much different than the winter dryness, right? Often overexposed to the elements (sun, water, wind) yet still supple and soft from the active sebaceous glands the summer skin requires barrier protection and gentle hydration. Nothing too over oily or heavy.

When we feed the skin according to the seasonal requirements it allows for it to remain stable during all seasons. Balance is achieved and radiant skin glows.


Recommended by the American Academy of Dermatologists

Skin doctors unite on this one topic, skincare should change with the seasons. From spf in the sunny months, to concentrated moisturizers on the winter they agree to present your best skin, products should be rotated according to the weather.

Prevents breakouts and accelerated aging

Changes in wind, sun, moisture, and temperature brings our skin through some major transitional periods. Twice a year (spring and fall) we live in transitional seasons which triggers our skins worst evils. Prone to breakouts? They often rear their heads in spring and fall. Concerned about fine lines? Same goes for spring and fall as skin can be over worked from summer sun or under hydrated from dry chafing winter.

By keeping skincare seasonal we can predict the next seasons requirements and prevent the nasties from happening. By taking appropriate care of our skin each season it allows for the next season to be its best. Preventing environmentally stressed skin issues and allowing for our Glow to shine through.


5YINA Steps In

5YINA allows us to keep up with the changes and choose a new oil and hydrolat each of the four seasons. They also tell me that some clients prefer rotating just twice a year. So winter/summer or spring/fall. I have tried all the Beauty Oils, but the fall, and they are equally expertly formulated and rich with unique botanicals.

I used the Winter Quiescent Beauty Oil for 2.5 months during the winter and noticed amazing changes in the skin. At the time I started using the oil my skin was irritated with the dry winter, breaking out waaayyy too much, and overall in shambles. After one week of twice daily use (along with the Enlighten Hydrolat) my skin was headed down the right path again, reduced irritation and blemishes plus fine lines from overdryness diminished. After two months of (almost) exclusive use the products still sing! I feel like a conquered winter skin dryness amazingly, and it's all thanks to 5YINA.

Their Summer collection, Lucent, would be the choice for this coming season. Featuring ginseng, green tea, lotus flowers and other normalizing ingredients this duo keeps skin fresh and clarified while restores luminance. Then head into their fall and spring collections each quarter to keep year around radiant skin.

5YINA definitely converted me, as I'm committed to seasonal from here on out. Who's with me? What are your experiences with seasonal skin care?



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